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The first full HD music channel of Bangladesh, Gaan Bangla Television has set unprecedented standards of entertainment.

Elevating media production and broadcasting to new heights, the channel has prepared Bangladesh to stand out on international platforms.

It has jettisoned the quality of music video production to the top of the mountain and inspired artists to step up their game. This in turn has created a wave that has turned the tides of the industry. In addition, everything broadcasted on Gaan Bangla Television is personally filtered by the GB team in order to deliver the maximum output possible that upholds a magnificent level of quality. Equipped with modern graphics and design techniques, the principal mission is to showcase talents from across the nation worldwide.

Kaushik Hossain Taposh

Managing Director & C.E.O.
One More Zero Group & Gaan Bangla TV
A child prodigy of music, regarded as one of the youngest entrepreneurs of the country and the back bone of ‘Wind of Change’, Taposh is a front runner of innovation and progress. Diversifying all aspects of entertainment under one umbrella so that every artist involved, can move forward with swiftness when trailing their creative process. Taposh became the youngest person in the country to have his own solo album at the age of eight, and is also the youngest person in Bangladesh to win the National Film Award for best tune. His accolades speak for themselves, constantly motivating him to keep expanding our horizons. Kaushik Hossain Taposh is known for many things but he will always be loved for being a selfless musician who did for music what no one else dared to do.
Farzana Munny has a pristine sense of visual attractiveness and designs visual concepts and scopes for TM Production. She has directed the company to reach magnitudes in visual production that remains untouched by others. The visual outlook of ‘Wind of Change’ is a testament to Munny’s particular skill sets when it comes to presentation. Farzana Munny is an iconic presence in the fashion world of Bangladesh. She was the first to introduce variations of style the women of the country have never experienced before. With multiple accolades achieved on beautification from USA and India, she has the brains and the heart it takes to deliver profound visualizations of elegance and glamour. Munny is the founder of Que Bella, now a well established beauty salon that emphasizes on versatile beautification for women.

Farzana Munny

One More Zero Group & Gaan Bangla TV

The first full HD music channel of the Nation.

GaanBangla TV Ltd.

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